“Liquid lunch”: idiom meaning.

Liquid lunch
Lunch is a meal that people usually have after 12 o’clock and they eat something like a sandwich or pasta. A “liquid lunch” is when you consume more alcohol than food itself.

Other examples of “liquid lunch” idiom in a sentence

  • When’s our next liquid lunch?
  • You look like you’ve had a liquid lunch.
  • The boss and his secretary are having a liquid lunch again.

“Liquid lunch”: use in context explanation

The wife gets home after a shopping afternoon with her friends and her husband has been waiting for her in the house. When she comes in, he starts giving her compliments. He compliments the wife on her hair and looks and he says a lot of sweet things to her. She suspects something is not right because he doesn’t normally act like this and his behaviour is unusual. She thinks he might have had a liquid lunch and might be tipsy and so, his compliments are just the result of him being under the influence of alcohol. He usually isn’t so sweet when he’s sober.