“On me”: idiom meaning.

On me
This expression means to pay someone a drink (or pay for food in a restaurant, for example). It is quite an informal term and therefore can be used in situations when you are with your friends or family but sometimes even with your boss if you two are on good terms.

Other examples of “on me” idiom in a sentence

  • You don’t have to pay. It’s on the company.
  • Don’t worry, it’s on me!
  • It’s on us today.

“On me”: use in context explanation

3 friends are having a day off of work. They decide to go to a pub and have some beer to relax and clear the mind. Each one of them wants to be kind and show he is a good friend so they all want to offer to pay for the beer. One of them says: “It’s on me”.The wife shows up and says they shouldn’t argue over who’s going to pay for the drinks because they can have 3 rounds of beer and everyone will have an opportunity to pay for him and his mates.