“All over the place”: idiom meaning.

All over the place
Put everywhere in an untidy manner, scattered around in a chaotic order. You can say this expression when you are angry at someone because he isn’t a tidy person and you find his belongings lying on the floor because he doesn’t put them in their place.

Other examples of “all over the place” idiom in a sentence

  • His socks are all over the place.
  • What have you done? The flour is all over the place!
  • I can’t find anything because your toys are all over the place.

“All over the place”: use in context explanation

The man has to look after the baby today, because his wife is at her friend’s hen party. It’s also the day of an important match which he definitely can’t miss. He sits comfortably in his chair and turns on the telly. In the meantime the kid is getting bored. He wants to play. He sees some sheets of paper and starts throwing them all over the place. He is having so much fun. His dad is so busy watching the game, he hasn’t noticed the mess his baby is making and he doesn’t realise the kid is playing with some important documents from his work.