“Mist up”: phrasal verb meaning.

Mist up
If car windows get misted up, a kind of fog, water vapour appears on them and they are not clear, you can’t see the road clearly. They have to dry out before you start driving.

Other examples of “mist up” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • My glasses keep getting misted up.
  • This spray prevents the glass from misting up.
  • How can I stop my bathroom mirror from misting up?

“Mist up”: use in context explanation

It’s a cold winter day and the woman’s car windows got misted up. She is in a hurry because she is already late for an appointment with her friends. She tries to think of the quickest way to dry out the car windows so she can go to her friend’s house. Suddenly, she comes up with, what she thinks, a great idea. She goes to the bathroom and hets her new, wireless, hairdryer. She starts drying the car windows with the hairdryer and is very proud about her fantastic idea. Her husband is looking at her and is not convinced about all of this. He thinks it looks ridiculous and if someone sees his wife doing it, they are going to laugh at her.