“Pop down”: phrasal verb meaning.

Pop down
A colloquial term to use when you go somewhere quickly like in the example above, you go to the supermarket to get something you need at the moment. Often used when someone comes for a very short visit to someone’s house, sometimes just to say hello.

Other examples of “pop down” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Why don’t you pop down for a visit?
  • I need to pop down to the bank and get some money.
  • Can you pop down here for a moment?

“Pop down”: use in context explanation

The man is used to having a cold beer to relax after he gets back home from work. He opens the fridge as he always does but he realises there’s no beer left. He is really upset and desperate. Fortunately the wife is there to help him. She offers to pop down to the supermarket and get some beer. The man is relieved and thankful for having such a thoughtful wife.