“On mute”: vocabulary meaning.

On mute
When you’re having a videoconference and you press the “mute” button, that is turn off your microphone so the other person can’t hear you, you are “on mute”. You then have to unmute yourself so the other caller can hear you again.

Other examples of “on mute” vocabulary in a sentence

  • You’re on mute. Turn on the sound again.
  • Everyone has to be on mute when they enter the videoconference.
  • I’m on mute and I don’t know how to unmute myself.

“On mute”: use in context explanation

The man is having a videcall with his friend but he gets an impression the friend isn’t listening to him at all. He feels he is totally ignoring him. He gets quite angry, repeats the sentences many times but still gets no answer. The man’s wife looks at the computer and notices her husband he is on mute. She tells him his friend can’t hear him if he is on mute and he has to press the mute button to unmute himself.