“On silent”: vocabulary meaning.

On silent
If you put your mobile phone “on silent” you turn off the volume so you can’t hear if someone is calling you.

Other examples of “on silent” vocabulary in a sentence

  • During the exam, make sure your mobile phones are on silent.
  • I called her 5 times. She must have put her mobile on silent.
  • It’s not my mobile phone ringing. Mine is on silent.

“On silent”: use in context explanation

The two girls have come to the conclusion they use their mobile phones too often and they rarely even put them on silent. They definitely need a break! It’s not easy, though. Mobiles can be addictive. It’s difficult to stop using them. That’s why they’ve decided to take up yoga anti-technology classes. It’s yoga which helps people use less technology less in their lives. The yoga teacher tells the participants to imagine they are putting their mobile phones on silent and that it makes them feel happy and relaxed.