“Get (it) off”: phrasal verb meaning.

Get (it) off (me)
To get something off someone means if something (like a spider) is on a person’s body, you take this spider and put/throw it away, or you make it go away so this person doesn’t have it on his/her body anymore.

Other examples of “get (it) off” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • She has a wasp on her shoulder. Get it off her!
  • What have you put on my back? Get it off me!

“Get (it) off”: use in context explanation

The little baby is playing with his new rubber spider toy. He knows mum and dad hate spiders and he decides to play a joke on them. He puts the rubber spider on his mum’s shoulder and waits for her reaction. She starts screaming and waving her hands and he screams for help. She wants her husband to get it off her but he is terrified of spiders himself so he’s not helping, on the contrary, he is running away.