“Have a go”: idiom meaning.

Have a go
Try to do something yourself. Often used when someone has some difficulty doing something and the other person offers to help and try to do it himself/herself.

Other examples of “have a go” idiom in a sentence

  • I’ve never done it before but I’ll have a go.
  • I don’t know if I can fix it but I’d like to have a go.
  • I’m having a go at making my website myself.

“Have a go”: use in context explanation

There’s a problem in the house. A pipe is broken and the water is leaking out. The man puts his blue gloves on and tries to repair it. It’s not easy, though. The water is splashing out and he doesn’t know how to fix it but he knows he must do it quickly. The wife comes to help. She’s come up with an idea to use a chewing gum to plug the hole and wants to have a go. She thinks it’s a great idea but the man thinks she is out of her mind as usual and he’s going to take care of it.