“How are you doing?”: idiom meaning.

How are you doing?
Similar to “How are you”. When you meet someone and you say “How are you doing?” it’s like saying “Hi, how’s your life, are you OK, what’s new?”. Used especially in spoken English and often between friends. It can be used in work context as well but it isn’t a very formal expression.

Other examples of “How are you doing?” idiom in a sentence

  • Hey, how are you doing? I’ve heard you’re getting married!
  • Did you see her at the party yesterday? How’s she doing?
  • Paul! How are you doing, mate?

“How are you doing?”: use in context explanation

The two girls are at a party and they are having fun. Suddenly, a very handsome guy with a drink comes to them and asks them: “How are you doing?”. He wants to impress them. The girls like making new friends and meeting new people so they are happy to meet a new guy, especially a good-looking one. After a few seconds another guy with a similar drink comes and says the same thing: “How are you doing?”. He probably wants to impress the girls, too.