“I can tell”: idiom meaning.

I can tell
Used to say that you know something after you see it, touch it or hear it, recognise it, you can recognise the difference, change, characteristic or particularity.

Other examples of “I can tell” idiom in a sentence

  • -I’ve lost 4 kilos. –I can tell!
  • I can tell you feel better now.
  • He could tell by her smile that she liked him.

“I can tell”: use in context explanation

It’s Christmas! The man loves this festivity time and wants his family to have fun and celebrate it in the best way they can. He has decided to dress up as Santa to make his little son a nice surprise. He thought his son wouldn’t recognise him wearing fake beard and moustache but to his surprise, when the kid sees him, he immediately knows it isn’t a real Santa but his dad. He says he can tell by his dad’s big belly.