“In advance”: idiom meaning.

In advance
If you do something “in advance”, you do it before the time. You can prepare something in advance so that it is ready when you need it.

Other examples of “In advance” idiom in a sentence

  • We can send the package 2 weeks in advance.
  • I’m glad I bought the concert tickets in advance. It’s all sold out now.
  • You have to pay 10% of the money in advance.

“In advance”: use in context explanation

The man comes in the room and sees his wife and his son writing a very long letter to Santa Claus where they are making a list o presents they would like to get for Christmas. There are 2 problems. One is that it’s only October so it’s far in advance. The other problem is that the list is too long and they can’t expect to find all these things under the Christmas tree! The woman says she is writing the letter 2 months in advance because she wants to give Santa enough time to get all of them.