“In season”: idiom meaning.

In season
If food like fruit is “in season” it means that the shops sell it around the same time of year that it naturally grows and the farmers collect it. The opposite is “out of season” which means the fruit was picked by the farmers long time before it is sold in the shops, for example it was picked in the summer and is sold in the winter.

Other examples of “in season” idiom in a sentence

  • What fruits are in season now?
  • I like vegetables that are in season because they are fresh.
  • It’s better to serve fruits in season.

“In season”: use in context explanation

At the street market 2 sellers are selling fruit and vegetables. The first one is a man and has a wide range of fruit and vegetables to offer. The other seller is a beautiful lady who only has oranges, which are out of season. Nevertheless, all the customers stand in a queue to buy the oranges. One of the customers says he wants to buy oranges because they are in season but it’s obviously not true. Oranges are not in season in the summer. He is obviously standing there for a different reason… 😉