“Keep up with”: phrasal verb meaning.

Keep up with
Maintain/stay at the same level as someone else. It can be while running like in the example. It can also mean to be updated. “Keep up with the technology” means to be updated with the new, changing technology.

Other examples of “keep up with” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • We have to keep up with the changing times.
  • She wants to keep up with the best student in the class.
  • It’s difficult for elderly people to keep up with technology.

“Keep up with”: use in context explanation

The man has a sedentary lifestyle. He works with computers and sits long hours in front of the monitor. It sometimes makes him feel stressed and out of shape (not fit, not in good physical shape). The man decides to go jogging (running). He puts on his jogging outfit and goes to the place near his house where people usually jog. He immediately spots a cute girl running. He decides to run near her because he likes to keep up with the youth (young people), especially girls. The girl doesn’t seem very happy about it, though.