“Puke up”: phrasal verb meaning.

Puke up
Puking up is a common thing in little babies. After they eat or drink, the food or liquids come out of their mouths, it usually happens right after eating of drinking and sometimes it may look like a fountain puoring out of the baby’s mouth.

Other examples of “puke up” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • I don’t feel well. I think I’m going to puke up.
  • Don’t eat it or you’re going to puke up.
  • Don’t show me this disgusting picture or I’m going to puke up.

“Puke up”: use in context explanation

The husband is feeding his little baby. The baby is puking up a lot recently and the man doesn’t like to get dirty. He does everything he can to avoid it. He keeps the baby in an upright position for 15 minutes and have put a huge bib on him. He has also bought a big bib for himself, in case the baby pukes up a fountain in his daddy’s direction, as well as a surgical mask to put on his mouth.