“Sort out”: phrasal verb meaning.

Sort out
Put different things in separate groups, according to their type, colour or other characteristic. For example before washing clothes you put red with red, black with black and white with white and wash them separately.

Other examples of “sort out” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Sort out the laundry before you wash it.
  • Sorting out rubbish for recycling is an easy process.
  • Sort out any items you don’t need and give them to me.

“Sort out”: use in context explanation

The man is proud of himself because he has decided some time ago to reduce the use of paper in order to save trees and help the environment. He also respects the law about sorting out rubbish. He’s got separate bins for separate pieces of rubbish and some of them are apparently more full but the one with paper is empty and that’s very good news for him.