“Swot”: vocabulary meaning.

A person who studies all the time, studies excessively. “Swot” is a rude term to call a person who studies too much and probably not many people like him/her in the school.

Other examples of “swot” vocabulary in a sentence

  • He is such a swot. He only wants to get “A’s”!
  • Maybe I’m a swot but I like studying.
  • They say she’s a swot but I think she is just very intelligent.

“Swot”: use in context explanation

The girl has just got back her class test. She got the best grade possible, an “A”. Wow, she says she can’t believe it and she wasn’t expecting to get such a good grade. She is literally shocked but happy. The other girl in the class, who herself got an “F”, which is “fail”, is angry. She thinks the other girl is just a swot and she knew exactly she was going to get an “A”. She is acting like she is surprised but she studied all the week so it was obvious she would get a good grade.