“Take up”: phrasal verb meaning.

Take up
Start doing or practising something you like. It is usually a sport (like yoga in the example) or it may be a hobby you like for example you decide to learn to play a new musical instrument or you can sign up for dance classes and take up dancing.

Other examples of “take up” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • You should take up a new hobby if you’re bored.
  • She took up sewing classes last week.
  • Do you think he will take up the management of the company?

“Take up”: use in context explanation

The woman and her husband have been quite stressed recently and the man has also put on weight a little bit. For these reasons they’ve decided take up a sport that will make them feel more relaxed and make the husband lose the extra kilos. They’ve looked up different sports on the internet and finally found one that appeals to them. They’ve chosen to take up yoga. This is their first yoga lesson. They are both enjoying it and they both agree it was a good idea to start doing this sport.