“Will do”: idiom meaning.

Will do
When you say something “will do” it means you can use it, it is sufficient even if it’s not the perfect solution. For example if you would like a glass of champagne to celebrate something but you don’t have champagne, you only have a plastic cup of cheap wine but you think it is enough and it can be a substitute for champagne at this particular moment, even if, obviously, it’s not the same, but it will do.

Other examples of “Will do” idiom in a sentence

  • We don’t have a big TV to watch the football match but a tablet will do.
  • If you don’t have coloured pencils, a black pencil will do.
  • – I don’t have butter for the cake. – Don’t worry. Sunflower oil will do.

“Will do”: use in context explanation

There‚Äôs a problem. A pipe in the house is broken and the water is bursting out. The girl can’t get it to stop. She hasn’t got proper tools to repair it. But her friend says they don’t need the tools because simple chewing gum will do and they can resolve the problem easily.