“Wrap up (about clothes)”: phrasal verb meaning.

Wrap up (about clothes)
You “wrap up” or you are “wrapped up” when you put on warm winter clothes beacause outside it’s cold. This phrasal verb is often used when we describe children wearing heavy, winter clothes.

Other examples of “wrap up (about clothes)” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • You need to wrap up. It’s so cold!
  • I have to wrap up warm this winter.
  • We should wrap up before going out.

“Wrap up (about clothes)”: use in context explanation

The man comes back home from work and sees his wife all wrapped up in heavy clothes. He finds it very strange because she is sitting inside the house and doesn’t seem to be going out. He asks her why she is wrapped up and she answers that they will have to stop using electricity and heating for a week because she has to save money to pay for her new shoes. It’s cold in the house and that’s why she needed to wrap up in warm clothes. The man finds it really ridiculous.