“Knock it off”: idiom meaning.

Knock it off
Stop doing it! It’s used when you are annoyed and angry and want someone to stop doing what he is doing. In teh example, the mother wants to reprimand her child because he is doing something wrong and using a serious tone of voice she tells her baby to stop immediately!

Other examples of “knock it off” idiom in a sentence

  • Knock it off! I’m busy now.
  • Why don’t you do me a favour and knock it off?
  • Knock it off. I don’t like it.

“Knock it off”: use in context explanation

The mother decided it’s time for the baby to have a bath. She has prepared a bubble bath for him with warm water and some toys and she has put him in the tub. The kid loves soaking in water while playing his favourite toy which is a water gun. His mum doesn’t like this toy very much because when he plays with it, he splashes water all over the bathroom but she knows he really enjoys it. Suddenly the dog comes in. The baby points the water gun right into the dog’s face! The dog hates water and starts growling. The mother is really angry. She tells her son off and tells him categorically that he must knock it off right now! The kid listens to his mum and puts away the toy.