“Money boundaries”: vocabulary meaning.

Money boundaries
Limits and rules for spending money that you decide to respect because you’re spending too much. When you set money boundaries you might decide to spend less, economise, stop buying things you don’t need or which are very expensive.

Other examples of “money boundaries” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Setting money boundaries is very important.
  • My family doesn’t want me to set financial boundaries.
  • I need to set better money boundaries or I’ll spend all my money.

“Money boundaries”: use in context explanation

The woman has been shopping again! That’s the third time this week! Her husband can’t accept it anymore. They have other expenses like paying the bills or their son’s school. She can’t spend all their money on clothes and make-up. he says they will need to set money boundaries; set some rules and limits concerning spending money, for example go shopping only once a month. The woman is not happy about it.