“Short of cash”: idiom meaning.

Short of cash
Have very little or no money. When you tell someone that you are short of cash you are saying you don’t have enough money to pay for something. You can also say “short on cash” and it means the same thing. “Short of/on” can be used with other words like for example “short of time” (have no/little time).

Other examples of “short of cash” idiom in a sentence

  • I can’t talk right now. I’m short of time.
  • I’m short of money. I have to start saving.
  • She has no job so she may be short of cash in this period.

“Short of cash”: use in context explanation

The man’s friend wants to invite him for a beer. He wants to go to a pub and relax with his friend. But the man says he can’t. He is short of cash recently because his wife continues spending money on clothes, shoes and bags. She is definitely spending too much.